The Meaning of Life – Perspective


Life is about letting go … pure and simple.  Parents have to let go of their children.  Children have to let go of their dependence on their parents.  Lovers have to let go off each other when they grow apart … which happens for the majority of relationships.  Even for relationships that last 50+ years … letting go must happen when one partner, or the other, leaves the physical realm.  We are surrounded by LETTING GO.  It is an inevitable part of life.

What really causes us pain is when we refuse to let go … when we cling … or even worse; desperately grapple with!  Some thing, or person, causes us SO much happiness for a specific moment, or even for years of specific moments, and we don’t want to LOSE that.  We have made investments, after all!  We have invested time, energy, emotion, and our very own soul…

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