Why you should be a Clever Thief while Stealing Inspirations

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It is easy to stand tall by perching on the shoulders of giants. Or being inspired by them, if put politely. A classic can be safely plagiarized since the concept of that classic has been known to all for a long period of time. In such cases, imitation is the greatest form of flattery, and it usually adds to the fame of the author. Shakespeare for example is still being interpreted in both his original and fit-to-suit-modern audience forms, and such a creation is critically and legally blameless. Copying from a recent work that is of some note however is a different proposition altogether.

stealing inspirations

Success generates followers. A popular idea however recent is emulated, lauded and parodied in original and translation, and is usually received with favor. Artists are requested by the audience to sing that particular song, play that precise shot, write that specific line or dance that…

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