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Google Nose Service.

The tech giant Google is now working on its all nnew service which takes you beyond type, talk, and touch for a new notation of sensation. The service is currently in beta mode and named by goole as “Google nose beta”,this service is aroma base having 5M+ scentibytes.
google nose search

What’s that smell?

Google NoseBETA leverages new and existing technologies to offer the sharpest olfactory experience available:
Street Sense vehicles have inhaled and indexed millions of atmospheric miles.
Android Ambient Odor Detection collects smells via the world’s most sensible mobile operating system.
SMELLCD™ 1.8+ high-resolution compatible for precise and controlled odors.


Google Nexus 7vs iPad mini.

Apple iPad mini Google Nexus 7
Operating system iOS 6 Android 4.1
Price Wi-Fi: $329 (16GB), $429 (32GB), $529 (64GB). Cellular: $459 (16GB), $559 (32GB), $659 (64GB). $199 (16GB), $249 (32GB), $299 (32GB and HSPA+)
Release date November 2, 2012, for Wi-Fi; cellular 2 weeks later July 13, 2012
Display 7.9-inch IPS, 1,024×768 pixels (163 ppi) 7-inch IPS, 1,280×800 pixels (216 ppi)
Size 7.9 inches x 5.3 inches x 0.28 inch 7.8 inches x 4.7 inches x 0.41 inch
Weight 0.68 pound/308 grams (0.69 pound for cellular) 0.75 pound/340 grams
Processor Dual-core A5 processor Quad-core Nvidia Tegra 3
Memory 16GB, 32GB, or 64GB 8GB or 16GB; 1GB RAM
Camera 5-megapixel rear-facing, 1080p HD video; 1.2-megapixel front-facing camera, 720 HD video 1.2-megapixel front-facing
Battery “16.3-watt-hour”; 10 hours battery life (rated) 4,325mAh; 10.1 hours video battery life (tested)
NFC No Yes
Extras 4G LTE versions available Tegra games, HSPA+ version available
Ports Lightning connector Micro-USB
Color Black, white Black

Wrist PC

WristPC is an innovative ultra-mobile personal computer and communication device concept that can handle all the requirements of the user all through the day. It combines all computer functions and can be worn on the wrist like a wristwatch.

This wearable device offers a new user experience with its portability and groundbreaking architecture. It also allows the wearer to stay connected to the web whenever and wherever. The WristPC concept features a fully functional 3.5-inch touchscreen display and a keypad on one side of the wristband. The display panel can be positioned at various angles so that the screen is facing the user comfortably while the device is being used for texting or GPS. The wristband keypad can be flipped and placed on the tabletop for the convenience of two hands operation.

The wireless earpiece can be detached from the wristband; as a result, it is suitable for making video or conference calls, listening to music, or watching videos while on the move. This device is also suitable for gamers. The gaming buttons are positioned at the bottom corners of the device for an ultimate gaming experience. Furthermore, the wristband’s rubber-feel material provides a comfortable grip for the gamers.

Original content from : http://www.red-dot.sg/concept/porfolio/o_e/IC/R147.htm

Can Microsoft distinguish itself in the tablet market?

Despite Microsoft’s best efforts on Monday to demonstrate why Surface is different, it’s a crowded market out there.

All of the first-tier players like Samsung, Amazon, Sony, Lenovo, Acer, Asus, and Motorola (not to mention a Google-branded device that is expected) have already saturated the Android tablet market.

And then there’s the iPad, which is simply shorthand for tablet in a lot of consumers’ minds and commands most of the market. And has a two-year head start, to boot.

So, it’s a tall order for Microsoft and Windows 8.

surface tab

That said, the rollout of the 10.6-inch (16:9 widescreen HD) Surface tablets on Monday succeeded at the very least in showing that Microsoft has come up with a good idea.

The catch with tablets is the lack of a physical keyboard, which doesn’t appeal to some consumers. And keyboard docking solutions to date have typically not been very elegant, with a few exceptions.

Microsoft’s 3mm pressure sensitive cover doubles as a keyboard and trackpad and connects to Surface with a “single” magnetic click, according to Microsoft.

And price. It’s hard to win either way. Go low and you have to cut corners, strip out features. That ultimately gives the product a bad rap. Go high and, well, the problem is obvious.

Microsoft appears to be leaning toward the higher end of the market, with pricing rumored to start at $599 for RT (ARM chip-based) models. Intel-based versions with 1,920×1,080-pixel displays could run a lot higher. Information by CNET news.


Bajaj pulsar 200ss is a completely stylish and sporty bike which gives you a amazing experience and completely different identity. The another fantastic bike from Bajaj in the Pulsar sequence with complete fairings. Bajaj has revealed their extremely Sporty bike as Pulsar 200SS which will be more powerful with a greater top rate of speed. The Super Sporty will be having Full fairings. Pulsar 200 SS is in performs and will release in Indian by the end of the season 2013. It has a Engine of 199.5CC. The expected price of Pulsar 200SS is Rs. 98000. 

With DTS-I technology, an amazing combustion of petrol gives a mileage of 53kmpl, that can be a purpose to make an impression on individuals. This effective look attracts young generation a lot.

Bajaj Auto uses innovative technology to make Bajaj Pulsar very relaxed bicycle to offer an easier handling. Its innovative suspension system decreases jerks at all types of road and increases control and handling of the bike.



  • Length-2035mm
  • Width-750mm
  • height 1165mm
  • Ground clearance of 165mm.

The official weight of the pulsar 200SS will vary from 143KG to 152 KG depending upon the engine capacity.

Engine Specifications

  • 199.5CC, Triple spark, SOHC, 4-Valve Liquid Cooled Engine
  • maximum power-23.17Bhp at 9500 RPM
  • Maximum Torque-18.3Nm at 8000 RPM
  • Bore: 72 & Stroke: 49 with a single cylinder
  • Carbutetor-32mm
  • Chassis Type-Pressed steel perimeter beam section frame
  • Acceleration- 0-60kmph in 3.7 seconds
  • Top Speed- 118.7 Kmph

Wheel & tyres

  • Wheelbase-1363mm
  • Wide Tyres with Wheel Size: 100/80 – 17, 52 P, 130/70 – 17, 61 P mm
  • All tyres are Tubeless with 10 spoke Mag Alloy Wheels

Suspension & Safety

  • Front suspension: 37mm Telescopic Front Fork with Antifriction Bush
  • Rear suspension: Nitrox Mono Shock Absorber with piggy back gas canister
  • Front brakes: 280mm Disc
  • Rear brakes: 230mm Disc


The model of Pulsar 200SS has yet not been revealed but its expected that the new bike will be available in 4 different (or mixed combo) colors.
Colors: Red, Blue, Black & Yellow

Other Specifications

  • 12 litre fuel tank
  • 12V & 8AH VRLA battery
  • DC ignition electrical system
  • Brighter headlamp-HS1 35/35W (Tail lamp-0.3/3 W, LED)
  • Duel Horn
  • Self Start
  • Digital trip meter & Speedometer
  • Analogue tachometer
  • Low oil indicator
  • Low battery indicator
  • Stand alarm with Duel horn for extra security

Apart of that, many of new features like Passenger footrest, Step up seat & pass light will also be there with 200SS and many other features are yet to be revealed after the release of Pulsar 200SS.




Oganovo is a company based in San Diego, California.

Their latest science invention is a technology (novogen) which allows living tissue cells to be assembled into patterns and complex structures, such as organs.

Organovo has partnered with Invetech. a company based in Australia, to develop a bio-printer.

The device prints (places) human cells in a three-dimensional matrix to construct human tissue.

“Building human organs cell-by-cell was considered science fiction not that long ago,” says Fred Davis of Invetech.

Currently, the bio-printer can grow blood vessels. It is anticipated that within five years the device will construct arteries and by 2020 sophisticated organs will be built by the device.

NovoGen MMX Bioprinter

Photo :- NovoGen MMX Bioprinter™


Source: organovo.com; Photo: Organovo


Killer Features:-ANDROID4.0 VS iOS6

It’s hard to argue that Android is more usable than iOS overall. The truth is that iOS is a more limited, simplified experience, but that makes it easy for most users to pick up and start using right away and makes it hard for them to get themselves in trouble by misconfiguring things. By contrast, Android is more flexible and customizable, but it can also be more difficult to navigate and more apt to confuse smartphone novices.

However, the alerts system is the one area where Android is just flat out more useful and more usable than iPhone. If that sounds trivial, it’s not — especially for business professionals and others who do a lot of stuff with their smartphones. Alerts give you timely updates of important information, quickly let you know about things that need your attention, and give you an at-a-glance look at your latest messages from various sources.

Apple made big strides with its alerts system in iOS 5 — taking obvious inspiration from Android — but even the vastly-improved alerts system still didn’t match the power and efficiency of what Android offers. In fact, iOS 5 didn’t match Android 2.3 “Gingerbread,” which still powers the vast majority of Android phones. Meanwhile, Google enhanced the alerts functionality even more in Android 4.0 “Ice Cream Sandwich,” which debuted at the end of 2011.

The biggest advantage that Android alerts have over iOS alerts is immediate glance-ability, and a lot of that has to do with the fundamental design of the platform. That’s why iOS appears unlikely to catch up in this area any time soon. For more info please click here: http://goo.gl/tCSVk

Android Alerts preview


iOS alerts preview


SEO for WordPress Beginners guide.

 Part 1-Terminology

 WordPress page vs Web page

Let’s start with the basic, but don’t misunderstand it as an insult to your knowledge. However, some people may still be confused on what is a WordPress page and a Web Page. Think it this way: a Web page is a single man, while WorPress page is a man married to some girl named WordPress. The former is a single HTML document with a unique URL. It stands on its own. The latter, on the other hand, is tied with WordPress functionality. It is a “static page”, to make it more sensible to say.

 Post vs Page

If you’ve ever thought that a post is the same with a page, you can stop thinking about that now. They are in no way similar at all! They differ entirely in terms of functionality. To make it clearer, here are the bullets (no, there’s no gun so relax):

  • A post has a date and is time sensitive; a page is not.
  • A post belongs to certain categories, dates, tags and authors; a page does not belong to anything.
  • A post can never be a homepage; a page can be one.
  • A page is only accessible through its link.

 Categories vs Tags

You might have thought once or a dozen times that category and tag are twins. Sorry, but they were born on separate days. The point is they are different from each other. Category is the main content “buckets” for posts, while tag is the fine tuning to category and is much more specific. You can use limitless tags, but not with categories. Here are their other differences:

  • Categories are in the main menu or sidebar; tags should never be put in the main menu but can be put in the sidebar.
  • You should never have a category that is the same as a tag and vice versa. Categories, as we said, should be unique.
  • Categories have hierarchy; tags don’t have.

 Author Archives

Author Archive is a list of all the posts by any given author, a WordPress user. If it’s a single-author blog, it probably looks exactly like the blog homepage, so it is best to noindex or even 301 redirect the archive.

 dated Archives

As the name implies, this is a list of posts by date. Well, that’s just how to define this. Just like, “As simple as that.”

 Pagination (Subpages)

Pagination exists when there are enough posts to fill categories, tags, dated archives, author archives and the blog homepage. You must noindex it past page one. You should also make use of Yoast to rel=pre/next the pagination to show that the subpages are part of a sequence. What are you talking about? Pages don’t paginate!

 Part 2-WordPress Relationships

Let’s start with pages, though there’s not much of explanation needed by now. They are static and can have hierarchy. They will not be in the RSS Feed no matter what you do. They are used for an “About Us” section, for a service description, for a Menu Page, for a Directions Page, Fees Page, etc.

A post can belong to many categories; a category can have many posts. This polygamous relationship is everywhere! The same thing’s true with tags: a post can have many tags, and a tag can have many posts.

Posts can be accessible from anywhere they belong. Categories, tags, dates and authors can all lead to one post. Isn’t that amazing? Some posts can also be accessible from the blog home or the sidebar.

 Part 3- Best Practice Configuration

Here is a list of the things you wish you knew back then:

  • Pages are named as you make them. The hierarchy can be decided as you go.
  • Decide what categories your posts belong to before you publish.
  • Before you blog, come up with categories. Just choose 5-7 keywords that will main the buckets of all your posts.
  • Choose your username wisely when you create an account. This is going to be the URL and you cannot change it afterwards easily (As a matter of fact you can, but it’s a hell load of work).

In connection with links and menus, the general rule of the thumb is put the pages and categories in main menus, and put categories, recent/popular posts, dated archives, and tags in the sidebar/widget.

Another thing that we are concerned about is URL control. Some can be set in odd places called “slugs”. Remember these three bullets so you won’t be confused:

  • Page and posts URLs are set within the page/post editor
  • Category and tag URLs are in their respective menus
  • The username is the author URL

If everything is set up correctly, checking your titles and descriptions should be easy.

When we get to themes, this is where things get tricky. A lot of themes tend to break or try to handle stuff they shouldn’t be handling. Everything can turn into a real mess! There’s a simple way to solve this once and for all: Use themes for design elements, but do not use them for SEO stuff. Let the Yoast SEO handle this!

 Part 4- Duplicate Pages

It’s pretty frustrating when you receive duplicate errors. Well, there are resources and tools you can use to solve this problem. You can check Google webmaster tools once a week. Then you can cross check with the free version of Screaming frog and crawl up to 500 pages. And the last step to take is to use Google Queries to see what’s indexed.

No one argues that WordPress can really be challenging. This guide hopefully helps you to beat the challenge.

Original post by TECHSOL

Nintendo unveiled a new Wii U GamePad today


Nintendo unveiled a new Wii U GamePad today that sports a near-field communications reader and that can be used as a TV remote.

The new game console tablet features a 6.2-inch touch-sensitive screen and a fully independent infrared Image, Nintendo President Satoru Iwata revealed during a streamed presentation (see below) in advance of this week’s E3 game conference. Known mostly for use in electronic wallets, the NFC technology in the GamePad will be able to read and write data from cards and figures.For details click CNET LINKhttp://goo.gl/ltOsu